TAVULLIA is a small town in the Marche region, with an old town, it is on the border between the province of Pesaro/Urbino and Rimini. Small but famous in all the world, thanks to the world champion of MOTOR GP Valentino Rossi who lives here. In Tavullia you cannot go without a visit to Fan Club of Valentino Rossi where small and big fans alike can find gadgets and photos of the well known champion, then stop in an inn or pizzeria or for a drink in the famous town bar.

With the SAN MARINO MOTOR RACE held at nearby MISANO ADRIATICO, Tavullia is reached by many of Valentino Rossi’s fans and bikers from all over the world. Breath the air of Tavullia means also walking through the alleyways of the old town and taking in the breathtaking scenery; on one side the hilly landscape and on the other side the sea and coastline of Cattolica and Gabicce, the cordiality, spontaneity and hospitality of the people of Tavullia, help to make particularly pleasing every stay in this little town.

Tavullia is also the town where Mrs. Rita Cutolo Prana therapist and healer, of great spiritual strength and faith in God, lives. Her capacity has attracted media and television interest. People from all over Italy come to her and not only, Mrs Rita Cutolo visits people in her location in Tavullia (Marrone street).